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Terms and conditions

One of the reasons behind being the most hired travel company in Dubai is that our terms and conditions are quite simple. We do not want our customer to stick in those long and restricted terms and condition. We believe that the tourists hiring us have their full right to experience the magic of Dubai and enjoy this enjoyable and adventurous tour with us without being stuck in the terms and conditions.

We ask our customers about personal information such as name, id, gender, address and contact information such as emails. All this information is used just for the booking purpose and kept under unauthorized access. We send all the important information about the trip on the customer’s email or telephone number. Other than that the information might be used by us to develop or enhance our services or review our site.

Payment Methods

It is important that the total payment is not in advance. If you don’t want to pay in advance we have pay at the pickup time by card or cash option also available in payment method. The third option in payment is Bank transfer. We have an online payment system, and all the payments are made through that secured payment system If you book us through our site, then all the information regarding the booking conditions will be sent to you with the confirmation email of your bookings.

Refund policy

Our refund policies are simple. If you cancel your bookings with us right before 15 days of the tour date, then you’ll be refunded 100% of the amount you paid. If you cancel your bookings before a week of the tour date, then the company is eligible to keep 50% of the amount and will return you the other half. If you do not appear on the date of the tour and after that you ask for the refund, the company won’t be responsible for any refund. It will be right of the Dubai travelism to keep 100% you paid for the trip. You cannot leave the tour in the mid if you do so you won’t be refunded. Refund will only be done under the conditions that are explained at the time of bookings or reservations. Only the conditions that are promised to return your money will be considered in the refund policy.

Itinerary Amendments

As such, no amendments are made in our tour itinerary, but if any serious circumstances occur, Dubai travelism makes amendments in the planning. The changes made in the itinerary are announced before the tour starts.

Travel insurance

Dubai travelism will not be responsible for any injury, loss of the item, or any damage due to any accident. We recommend our customers to take travel insurance beforehand and overcome if any loss occurs during the tour.

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